Today’s copywriters can be tomorrow’s content strategists

Copywriters: If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed thought leaders talking about Content Strategy. If you haven’t been paying attention, start. This is your opportunity to get in on the digital explosion.

Think back 5 – 10 years ago. Where were the SEO experts? Where were usability experts? Now nearly every organization needs one. Or many. These people are in high demand. These are the jobs of the future. The discipline of Content Strategy is very new; even the experts are trying to define it. Which means this is the perfect time for you to be become an expert, too. Most people aren’t using this language or applying this discipline. You could be among the first.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago here. What prompted me to revisit this topic today was a post from Jeff Bullas, 5 Lessons from Coca-Cola’s New Content Marketing Strategy. He says as a “vision brand” Coca-Cola has recently evolved their marketing strategy from Creative Excellence to Content Excellence. These five lessons can be applied to your client’s brand, too.

So, if this is where we’re going, what should you do today? Lead your colleagues through this uncharted territory. With your next campaign, think engagement vs. advertising. Consider how the content you create is relevant to your audience’s daily lives, and how it connects across various channels, whether it be digital or broadcast or print. Think about long-term content beyond the project on your desk. What are the opportunities you can offer your clients and co-workers – and yourself – by becoming an expert in Content Strategy?

For some inspiration on how to generate ideas beyond the printed page, here’s a book I think every copywriter should read: The Idea Writers.


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